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New apartment and new semester 新房,新学期

After Shanghai, Isaac came with me to Nanjing to help me move to a new apartment. Here’s the story of when I moved, told through pictures:

The first night at the new apartment, me and Isaac had take-away fried rice with coke for dinner, which I would say is a pretty decent "moving meal". That day, we had come from Shanghai and then brought the most necessary things from the old place to the new place.

Day 2 we cleaned and tidied and explored the things previous owners had left in cupboards, and then we cleaned some more. We also went to the old apartment to pack all of my things.

Then, Isaac cooked for me ^^, Not to brag, but he's an excellent cook!

Dinner on day 2 was a lot more sophisticated.

On day 3, we called in some helpers. One of my Chinese friends has a car, so he, his fiancée and Rosie (in the above picture) helped move everything to the new place. Rosie stayed and helped us fix the kitchen. (The cupboards had stickers on them that needed to go..)

Then, Anne and Mathias came over and we cooked.

With people visiting, the new place had officially become a home, and I couldn't have been happier (:

From the right, Rosie, Mathias, Isaac and Anne.

And so I had moved into my new home. The next week, Rosie decided to move in with me (after being invited, of course).

Here’s a tour of the place:

This is our living room.

And kitchen. In the morning we can hear chicken here from a hillside opposite the apartment building.

From the outside.

The building complex has both palm trees and pines.

The complex.

There are lanterns over the entrance of the complex 🙂

The street outside the complex. I really enjoy it's name: Hujulu, which means "crouching tiger street"^^,

A park that I walk through everyday on my way home from school.

Rosie at the park.

The new semester started in the end of February. It’s surreal to start a semester so late, but I’m not complaining. This semester I’m in class B1, and I’m very happy with both the semester start and the new apartment, which really feels like a home.

Last week I was sick for a while, first stomach flu and then a cold, but now I can feel my energy coming back and I’m sure that this will be a great semester. I’ll try to update again soon, sorry that I haven’t been a faithful blogger recently.

Below is a picture from Pancake Day, which we celebrated this year thanks to my English flat mate. I’ve really been blessed with great friends this year, they are like a second family to me in China. When I was moving I realised the value of relations and of daring to ask friends for help. Moving would have been so much more difficult (and a lot more boring) on my own, and the new apartment wouldn’t have felt half as much like a home to me if it had not been for the people filling it.

Last week, we celebrated the English holiday Pancake Day. Look it up if you don't know what it is. It meant that our home was filled with people eating pancakes ^^, Above, from the right: Shasha, me, Anna, Lynnea and Su Nana.

Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

Psalm 34;8


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