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Apartment in Sweden

We have found an apartment in Sweden! We’ll be moving to the town of Arvika in the beginning of August. The second floor is ours:

Isaac is now looking for jobs and we’re working out the details. At least we don’t have to worry about visas anymore; Isaac does not need a permit for Sweden because I am Norwegian.. The plan is to stay for a year and then return to Oslo.

Here are a few pictures from our apartment hunt last weekend:





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Your animation

We now live in Oslo! Please stop by for coffee if you are in the area ūüôā

One happy family

Olivia playing with boxes




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We have been offered a student¬†apartment¬†in Oslo! It is just big enough for the three of us, in close¬†proximity¬†to both the subway and great nature areas (Sognsvann), perfect for walks when Olivia will sleep nowhere but in a moving stroller. We have been dreaming of a home to call our own for what seems like a long time and this to be exactly what we’re looking for!

But our first reaction when we got the news was sadness. We thought we would have to give it up, which would mean going to the back of the line of people applying for student housing. As there was no knowing whether Isaac will get to stay in Norway or when we would get to know the result, at first it seemed unwise to bind ourselves to paying rent. Isaac is not allowed to work while we wait. So to finance the apartment I have to work. If Isaac were to suddenly be sent out of the country, I would have to give up said job to look after Olivia, leaving me with no way to pay rent.

I’m sure you can imagine our frustration at this point, as all we want is to establish a home and family life in Oslo.

After thinking it though and being assured that if the worst were to happen we would get help, we decided take the apartment in spite of all the uncertainties. Which means we are moving to Oslo March 1st and we are now packing in excitement!

Oslo is where we want to live, at least the next few years. I think some times it is necessary to act before you have all the answers. I know that God answers prayers and that nothing is impossible to him. Oslo is where the most doors seem to open up; I have a spot at a university there, it is an international city so there should be more options for Isaac there and now we have an affordable apartment there. I don’t know what will happen or how. But I have faith that God can provide for us no matter where we are and no matter the circumstances.

So in faith we go to Oslo, hoping for a home and a life there.


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Roller coaster year

It is now more than a year since my last post, and what a year it has been! I want to compare this past year to a roller coaster, because I have never before had a year with such great heights and such low depths. And I am still on this roller coaster, but I’ll write more about that later.

First, I am now a missus! I married my darling Isaac this summer, and after six months of marriage I can say with certainty that I could not have found a better husband. I guess I could brag about what a great cook he is, his creativity, his musicality, how practical he is or his sense of romance, but instead I will post a picture so you can see for yourself how very handsome he is:


And here some pictures from the big day, most of them taken by Andreas Fadum (

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Second, I am now the mother of a beautiful baby girl called Olivia. She is 3 months old and I absolutely adore her! Here’s a photographic summary of our time with her so far:

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We have also moved to Norway, here is proof:

Isaac skiing

I will not say much about the other side of the roller coaster; there have been some really tough months in between these high lights and they have made us stronger both individually and as a couple. God has proved himself faithful and life with him is always exciting, although not always easy.

Stay posted to see what we are doing now and where we are headed!

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