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Characters on campus

I’ve gotten a whole new understanding for illiterate people lately. It is indescribably frustrating to try to solve a simple grammar excercise and not be able to do it because I can’t read. Even more frustrating to sit at a dictation unable to remember the strokes of a character that I know I wrote about 20 times the day before.

This week has not been a great one. As all things new and exciting have settled into routines, I’ve been low on energy, low on motivation and my body has not been co-operating. But I am positive that next week will be better!

Last week I successfully changed from class D1 to class C3. I’m happy with the change but it is going to be a lot of work. We’ve already worked through 6 chapters in one of my books, which means almost 200 new words. And that’s just in one of the two classes I have every day.

In an attempt to make the characters stick to my mind, I bought a separate note book where I write them over and over, which different colours for each tone.

I also got this book from a friend. “Rapid Literacy” sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But this book actually works!

Something else that helps my motivation is Chinese stationary. It is easier to do homework when my notebooks look like this:

The other day I found some chinese style tables at a green spot on campus where I sat down to do homework. After only one line of character, a Chinese lady came up to me and started to talk with me. While I was writing, she was crocheting and occasionally correcting my stroke order. Here are some pictures from that afternoon:


I also took a picture of my building. This is where I live:



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