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Hong Kong again

I’m not in Mainland China anymore. We are headed for Infield (I’ll explain what it is when I’ve been there ;)) in Thailand, and because we had to leave Mainland some days before Infield starts, we decided to stop by Hong Kong.

Is Hong Kong really that different from Nanjing, you might ask. Well.. We’re not so cold anymore ^^, We can not see our breath inside! And even though its (almost) raining, a sweater is enough to keep us warm outside. We’re starting to defrost.

The food is not the same either. I remember last time we were here; the food was new and exciting, but it was all “Chinese food”, just like the food we got in Lishui. After only one meal in Hong Kong, I’m beginning to realize just how “green” I was last time I was here. The food is not at all like in Lishui; no bones or skin with the chicken, more green vegetables and the rice is different.

Our first reaction when we left the airport was “where are all the people?”. We were happy to see more people when we got closer to the centre, but as we live on a small mountain, at a retreat centre (Tao Fong Shan, same as last time), it’s much more quiet than we’ve become used to.



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The body is tired but the mind wants to see more, and the mind is winning..!

Hong Kong

I am now in Hong Kong! We’re here to get used to a new climate before we go to Nanjing, to get to know the NMS missionaries here and because there is a national holiday in China now because of the national day, so we can’t start working until next week. Hong Kong is amazing! Here are some glimpses of what we’ve done the last couple of days:

The chappel at Tao Fong Shan

The place we live is incredibly beautiful. It is called Tao Fong Shan and is run by the Christian Mission to Buddhists, so all the buildings are in the style of buddhist temples. It’s on a hill with a view over Hong Kong, which at night look like a starry sky because of all  the lights. To get from the main building to where we live, we walk on a path through a forest that suposedly is home to both monkeys and snakes..

Protect yourself from monkeys

I think I will remember our first dinner here for a long time. It was so strange not to know how to eat! We were just like infants again, and we had to look at the other people in the dining hall to see how it’s done. Is it ok, per example, to use the provided spoon for the soup? Could we eat the soup from the bowl it came in or should we use the other, smaller bowl? What plates were ment for serving the food and what plates were ment to eat from? Is it ok to take a bite of the vegetables and put them back again? (cause they were to big to eat whole) And how on earth do you eat chicken wings with chopstics?


When I hear the name Hong Kong, I’ve always pictured a big crowded city. But this is only part of Hong Kong. There are also large nature areas surrounding the city, and the day after arrival we went hiking in the mountains. After walking for a few hours, we came to a beach where we had a break. Along the paths in the mountais there were small, abandoned villages, and we saw a couple of wild cows walking along the paths. It was all so beautiful!

The view of Hong Kong from our house

The next day, we went to a church service in kantonese. One of the church members translated for us so it was very nice. In this church they start the service by walking around shaking hands with everyone and saying “peace be with you”. They greeted us the same way and this really made us feel welcome! After the service we went for lunch and tea with some church members and I tasted chicken feet for the first time…! The taste is mostly from the spices, so it was ok but I don’t think I’ll ever order it.. We also tasted many other new things and they were all very good!

Tasha eating with chopstick

Yesterday we went to see some of the markets here. I really love markets so it was perfect for me. The most interresting one was the gold fish market where they sell gold fish in plastic bags.. Not something you would find in Norway. There were also some really cool turtles.Turtle at the gold fish market

Turtle at the gold fish market

So.. This was sort of a summary for you on our days so far as tourists in Hong Kong. I thing both Tasha and I feel ready to go to Nanjing and get started, but we have some more days left here. We were told yesterday that wordpress might be blocked in mainland China, so after Friday I might not be able to access this blog… I really hope this is not the case, but if it is you’ll know why I’m not posting.


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