Purple Mountain 紫金山

I’m sorry I posted an empty post the other day, WordPress is blocked here these days, so I posted through mail and something went wrong. This is what I meant to post:

This year my bible study decided that once a month we will do a «social» rather than our normal discussion group, and I’ve been appointed «socials coordinator» (sounds fancy, doesn’t it?). So Monday 6 of us went climbing 紫金山 (Purple Mountain).

Purple Mountain, Nanjing

Purple Mountain is a mountain in Nanjing city. Because of all the trees it has cleaner air and bluer sky; it’s even possible to see clouds (and where the line between cloud and sky goes..). This time of year the osmanthus-trees are in bloom as well, making all of Nanjing, and especially the mountain, sweet-scented. Still, it’s when I’m in a place with clean air that I notice how unclean the city air is. And from the mountain you can see the pollution as a mist covering the city. Rosie says the pollution was worse four years ago though, so there is hope.

Here is the group as we set out. Usually Chinese mountains have stairs leading all the way to the top, and Chinese mountain-climbing usually means climbing stairs. This is also true for Purple Mountain, but Nick knew a better way to the top that involved fewer stairs and more paths.

We took a bus from where we normally meet for cell group to the mountain in the afternoon. Climbing it took a couple of hours, and then we had Chinese-style green-bean-popsicles while enjoying the view at the top before we headed back down. We followed another path going down and while we were walking the sun went down, making it more difficult to navigate. We might have been slightly lost at one point, and at that very point it was threatening to rain as well. But we prayed and the rain stopped and finally we reached civilisation again after a rather long descent.

Next we met up with some more members of the group and had dinner outside on an alley close to university. I’d say we managed to make the most out of the pleasant Nanjing autumn weather, which is important when autumn only lasts for about a month.

Here are some more pictures:

Us climbing:

At the top:

Nick and Isaac; Nick is Isaac’s new flat mate.

Us enjoying Chinese snacks..:

Doesn’t green-bean-popsicle look tasty?

At the Big Buddah on top of Purple Mountain:




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2 responses to “Purple Mountain 紫金山

  1. Ahh, Nanjing. Purple Mountain and green bean popsicles. Yum! (:

  2. Mamma

    Herlig Mathilde! Takk for praten i dag. GID klemmer

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