I’m officially a teacher!

We got our schedules today, and I had my first classes as an Oral English teacher! It was both exciting, fun and scary. Most fun, though (: I like teaching! The students are so respectful, and they seem very interested in what I tell them. I hope I’ll be able to teach them something! My goal is for them to become more confident in using their English.

The grade I teach is Senior 1, so they are 15 years old and would be in VG1 in Norway, or they would be sophomores in High School. I’ll teach 10 different classes, each of them once a week. Today, I had 4 classes, so I started on my busiest day and am a bit tired right now. It was kind of a kick start, but that’s good cause I’ll get used to teaching faster than if I had a soft start. And also we’ve spent a week doing almost nothing, so it feels very good having something to do!

I have two problems when it comes to the teaching. The first one is actually very nice; the students all want to be my friends, have my phone number and so on. The problem is that I’ll teach more than 500 students every week. So I won’t be able to be close friends with all of them, and I neither can nor want to treat them differently.
The second problem is that I tend to speak to fast. This will probably be one of my biggest challenges as a teacher here. I know that many of the students have problems understanding me. I also know that if I speak slower, they will understand more and I really want all of them to understand. Still it’s hard to remember to speak slowly, and the students don’t dare telling me when they don’t understand.

I’m looking forward to meeting 3 new classes tomorrow:) Wish me luck and plese pray that I’ll be able to overcome my problems.



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4 responses to “I’m officially a teacher!

  1. Pappa

    Lykke til ja. Veldig artig å lese alt du skriver. Kjenner igjen kineserne – viktig å ikke tape ansikt 🙂

  2. mamma

    Gratulerer med 19 års dagen min kjære Mathilde! Hipp hurra for deg! Håper du får en super og glad dag og at gaven kommer til nytte etterhvert. Veldig glad i deg. Tenker på deg hver dag og ber for deg. Kjærlig hilsen mamma

  3. Magnus Emergencylanding

    Gralla så møye me dagen!:D
    Håbe du får ein konge dag:)

    Ber for deg og Tasha!

  4. Johanne!

    Hei! Håper du har det kjempe fint i Kina! Og gratulerer så mye med dagen i dag, som nå er snart ferdig for deg tenker jeg 😛 Håper du hadde det kjempe bra og gjorde noe koselig 😀
    Klem! ❤

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