First week in Lishui, part 1

I’m in Lishui, about an hour from Nanjing. This is China! It’s not at all like Hong Kong. Me and Tasha keep calling Hong Kong an Asian London. This really is something else, and it’s so amazing to me that I get to be here!

We live in an apartment in the teachers’ dormitory on campus at a middle school (13-18 year olds). The school has 4500 students and 300 teachers, so you can say it’s a little bigger than we’re used to. Lishui is almost the size of Oslo, population wise, and still it’s considered a small town. They laugh when we call it a city cause it’s to small, apparently..

Chinese students face a completly different reality than students in Norway. Some of them get to school at 6 a.m. and don’t leave until 9 p.m. The time in the classrooms with teachers is not this long, but it’s normal to come to school early and stay after classes have finished, reading and doing homework. The students are at school Monday through Sunday, and even if they don’t have regular teaching on weekends, they still have to come to school. They also have a completly different respect for the teachers. No talking or even whispering in class when the teacher is speaking… The teachers here would probably be shocked if they came to a Norwegian class. Norwegian students should learn that they have nothing to complain about!


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